Mother's Day 2011

Spent mother's day, first, by watching the Pacman-Mosley fight. We watched via live stream and it sucked. The streaming paused every 5 seconds, what a waste! We just listened to the radio and watched the delayed telecast. Well, it was an odd fight. Mosley's a hugger and Pacman slipped on 10th round. Pacman, however, managed to win the game by unanimous decision. Congratulations, Manny!

After the game, I headed to the mall to grab Maroon 5 concert tickets. Gold-B and Silver were on 2-day sale, 50% off. Hell yes!

There was a story behind those tickets, actually. When I arrived at Robinsons Metro East, I rushed to the customer service. I was really excited and I couldn't wait to finally feel the tickets in my hands! To my surprise, the representative told me that the remaining seats in Gold-B area were already reserved (we don't wanna settle in Silver area because it would be too far already). So, I was like, "Ha? Hindi nga po? Seryoso? (sad face)" And just like that, my world just crashed. I met with my sister there (she came from a taping in UNTV where she's taking her internship) and told her the very depressing news. Well, she was upset, obviously. We discussed what to do until we've decided at one thing. We asked the representative if there's a chance that those customers will cancel their reservations. She said yes and it gave us hope. After a while, she told us that there are two cancellations and I almost jumped out of joy. Unfortunately, the two slots were taken again in just a snap. Sucker, right. But, we didn't lose hope and just waited for our luck to happen. The representative was really nice to us. She even called Ticketworld to open just some more slots because a lot of people from different places, not just us, have been demanding for Gold-B seats. Moments passed, and the good news arrived. Two slots opened again and this time, we were able to grab it. The representative reserved it as fast as she can and we're very grateful about it. I'm-so-happy-I-could-die moment, indeed. :-)

After we got the tickets, we headed to a flower shop and reserved my mom a bouquet. We attended a 6:30 PM mass with mom and then had dinner at Max's. I was anxiously waiting for the bouquet to arrive there. When it did, my mom was shocked and even cried. She was so happy. That simple bouquet just made her day. Aw, we love you, Ma! :-*

For the finale, we watched Fast Five, last full show. As always, stunning and epic. Cars, action, chicks drifting, hot bod and muscles.

So, that's pretty much my day. Thank you, Lord.

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