Beauty & The Briefcase (2010)

Who wouldn't want to date them? They're so polished, very manly, and decent. Don't we want our future husbands in suits, if given a chance? Someone who works in a corporate company (and a good provider, of course!), has good taste in picking neckties, someone so fine... just a man in a suit. This isn't going to be a checklist for my "magic guy," fyi.

After watching Beauty & The Briefcase starring Hilary Duff, I actually felt like I got punched right in the face. It's telling me to get a freakin' job. Whenever I watch films that include job hunting, work loads, and office environment, I always get goose bumps and feel like crying. The pressure of finding a nice-paying job and the nerve-wracking interviews scare me the most. Well, what more during the first day of your first-ever job? Just thinking of it makes me want to bum forever.

I ain't saying I'm not gonna try harder looking for a suitable just-for-experience job though. You know it's not gonna happen. My parents are already thinking of buying me a car and I would be the one to pay for the monthly bill. I still don't get my first salary, haven't even found my destined job, yet the money's been spent in my mind already.

About the movie, Beauty & The Briefcase, I can see myself working in a company like Thompson/Fulworth! :-D Hilary Duff had good-looking leading men, and that's the only good thing. Oh, and Cosmopolitan, too! The plot's typical. Fiction of the fiction-est. The ending's flat (and I hate it, they could do better than that). But you'll definitely get along well with the story if you just want to kill time. I find Hilary Duff's classy outfits and stilettos gawjus, by the way.

You just couldn't help but stare at those irresistible eyes (I mean, Matt Dallas').

Photos courtesy of Google Images and Just Jared


  1. You'll eventually find a job. And that's KYLE XY! Oh my god, loved him for like forever. *drools*

  2. I know and I'm looking forward to that. Yes, definitely him.