ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip

Anyone who follows me on social media, specifically on Instagram, knows that I currently have an addiction intense interest with lippies and you often see my purchases on my feed. Blame it on the Kylie Lip Kits and their *glorious* shades. If I could only afford it, I would buy myself a lot. But you know what, as a manual tester with a 1-year old daughter, I'd rather spend my Php2,500.00 (average worth of a single lip kit) buying 2 or 3 cheaper ones. I could even buy my baby a couple of diapers and still have change!

So here comes ColourPop. Thank heavens for coming up with a lipstick line that caters shades that are good dupes for lip kits, in a much cheaper price. But since ColourPop is just available online and only in the US, I just make my purchases locally through an online seller (check @sootheandstyle on Instagram). Though the price may be doubled from the original ($5 - $6 a piece) because of the tax, shipping, and custom charges, it's still way cheaper and definitely high-quality.

As I am not blessed with a fair skin tone —I have medium complexion with a warm/yellowish undertone and I get super negneg (burned, not tanned at all) in the beach, I always have a hard time choosing which shade/s would look good on me.

First thing's first. Google color swatches before making any purchases. Most beauty, makeup, and lipstick enthusiasts have reviewed ColourPop. I make sure I read a thing or two just to compare the shades I'm eyeing on each blogger. You just can't trust what's being displayed on the ColourPop website. *horror SFX*

So far, I have the following shades:

Tulle (Ultra Matte Lip)
Described as dusty mauve burgundy.

First-ever Ultra Matte Lip that I overused. My perfect go-to lippie!

Stingraye (Ultra Matte Lip)
Described as cool-toned mauve brown.

Sadly, my least favorite. Or am I applying it all wrong?

Lumiere 2 (Ultra Matte Lip)
It's Lumiere's sister in dusty mauve pink.

Thanks to my friend for being so sweet who got me this during her Bangkok trip. I didn't know mauve would look okay on me. It's a bit purplish on my lips but it doesn't bother. It's something edgy for my personality.

Bumble (Ultra Matte Lip)
Described as dusty warm terracotta.

My current favorite!

Solow (Ultra Matte Lip)
Described as neutral nude pink.

I'm not really a fan of any baby pink lippies just 'cause I thought they wouldn't look good on me. But there are certain shades like this one that stands out. It's actually cutesy! But not too pa-girl. I use it whenever I feel like toning down from Browns and Reds.

L-R: Tulle, Stingraye, Lumiere 2, Solow, Bumble

Excuse my selfies, I only know how to do my brows and nothing else. :p So, there! How about you, what ColourPop lippy flatters you the most?

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