Drivers vs. Pedestrians

Everyday, it would take me an hour and 30 minutes (2 to 3 hours when there's traffic madness) to get to work. Sometimes, I walk for 15 to 20 minutes from Kalayaan to Net Lima if I still have time to spare. Passing by a number of pedestrian crossings, I've encountered humble drivers who are nice enough to slow down and, of course, there are those arrogant ones who don't know how to give way (and would even honk at you).

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A driver's perspective: Just because it's a pedestrian crossing, it doesn't mean you're going to cross like you're walking on the moon. God, these people. Some of them are even texting and not looking where they're going. The nice driver who slows down doesn't have all the time in the world to wait for you. Give back the kindness, walk fast.

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There are stop lights. It isn't just for cars. Don't attempt to cross anymore, even if it's a pedestrian lane, when the crosswalk light turns red (unless there are really no cars passing, but still, don't risk it). Don't make it hard for yourself and panic when you get honked at. These drivers are also in a hurry. Just don't risk it. Not worth it.

As a commuter: One time, when I was crossing, halfway already, this van didn't slow down, sped up even, and honked at me so loud. I was so annoyed I raised my middle finger (there were people looking, the hell I care) 'cause he so deserved it.

Cars should always give way, no matter what the circumstances are (except if it's an ambulance in a rush), to people crossing in the proper lane. Please, guys, slow your effin' cars down. 10 seconds isn't too much to give and not gonna hurt your arse. Let the pedestrians pass, for friggin' sake. This also applies to motorcycle riders who never slowed down, like ever. Sila pa talaga ang galit. Apologies if I tend to generalize them but this is based from experience, from my daily commute life.

One more thing that annoys the hell out of me is whenever a car is parked, or just hazarding, and eventually blocking the pedestrian lane. Guess what, it's not a parking space. Park and wait where it is appropriate. Don't barricade your cars like you own the road. For instances like you're waiting for a parking and there's a queue, it's still not an excuse to block the pedestrian lane. Always keep it open (just like keeping your mind open for being an adult, because this is an adult thing, too).

If you don't want any inconvenience or delays, start it within yourself. Follow the friggin' road rules. Be attentive. Be kind enough to give way. Slow down. Don't honk your horns when someone's crossing. Walk fast if you're the one crossing. Use your common sense. Like relationships, give and take. You have to meet halfway. You have to compromise. SERIOUSLY, GUIS. Be genuinely nice on the road.

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