Drum roll please!

I just passed Microsoft certification exam today! I am so overjoyed!

So much for a sick person.

I’m suffering from Tigdas-hangin (I think it’s milder than Tigdas) right now. The rashes started to appear last night. I wasn’t able to attend my 2-hour driving lesson today ‘cause the rashes are all over my body and I can’t totally move. Every part of me hurts. I also have cough and cold. My eyes are red, most of the time. And I feel so effin ugly.

To make things worse, I have a certification exam tomorrow morning. I’ve reviewed a bit and hoping to pass. I still look on the positive side knowing that only two on the first batch made it to a 700-passing score.

*crossing fingers*

I. need. to. pass. that. exam.

Future family driver

Gosh, I can't wait to drive! See, I already got my ID as well as my schedule (not on the picture though). :-D Driving lessons will start next week, 041210, and I'm too excited. Yay for me? Hell yeah!

Trying-hard-concealed name and student number fail. I can still read them. :-)) And oh, I've intentionally remained my stapled picture visible. Go crazy over my pretty face! /sarcasm