Hulio: Our shoe venture

After a year, my sister, Joyce, and I finally managed to turn what was once an idea into reality. Up until now, the feeling is still overwhelming.

What is Hulio?

Hulio is a Philippine local shoe brand made from handcrafted leather. The name "Hulio" was coined from Hulyo, Filipino translation of July (it was back in July 2016 when we came up with the idea). We just stylized the name and changed Y to I. Thus the name, Hulio.

El Nido, Palawan: Day 3 & 4

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Day 3
Island Tour
April 2, 2017

Woke up a little late today. Breakfast was served at the usual time, 7 AM. We had embutido that tasted like I-don't-even-know, egg, and rice. We were fetched past 8 AM and headed to the beach. We've been renting snorkeling gears for P100/day. Don't worry, they weren't gross-looking, they seemed clean (hopefully sterilized). Don't just overthink that these gears have been used by random people in the past. I didn't catch anything after using them, anyway. Though, it's always better to bring your own gears. Some of my friends brought their own snorkeling masks.

Photo from Jomar Ocampo

El Nido, Palawan: Day 1 & 2

Though I wasn't able to attend Coldplay's #AHFODTour last April 4 (sob), I still made sure to have experienced para-para-paradise in, none other than, Palawan. We booked this trip from one year ago, and now, the long wait is over!

Hey there, mister!

Ria's 2nd birthday party

Party never ends... for mommies! It doesn't feel like a year has already passed since Ria's first birthday party. I remember when I couldn't calm down because I had to check every single detail of her party even if Stacy's asked me not to worry anymore. I DIY-ed the things I wasn't supposed to, just because I felt like I have to. Can you feel me, mommies? We couldn't calm down, could we?

Two weeks ago, March 18th, we celebrated Ria's 2nd birthday. This time, I managed to chill a little bit. I decided not to DIY most of things except for game prizes (I just bought these cute candies and wrapped them into a nice paper). I'm glad the event was a success, thanks to all the reliable suppliers who helped me make it happen.

Drivers vs. Pedestrians

Everyday, it would take me an hour and 30 minutes (2 hours if heavy traffic) to get to work. Sometimes, it would include a 15 to 20 minutes walk from JP Morgan to Net Lima. And it consists of a lot of pedestrian crossings which is actually a good thing. I've encountered humble drivers who are nice enough to slow down and, of course, those sh*tty ones who don't know how to give way (and would even honk at you).