San Juan, La Union

To compromise our last-minute booking for our annual summer outing (we went to El Nido last year), my friends and I booked our stay at Urbiztondo in San Juan, La Union because we wanted to try surfing. Initially, we were planning for Siargao, but unfortunately we weren't able to grab the cheapest fares. So anyway, it has to be La Union then. And preying praying on seeing Luke Landrigan, too. Spoiler alert: I didn't see him.

3 Basic Tips on taking the best food shot

Coming from a non-food blogger.

I wouldn't argue that we all love food. Its enticing presentation always craves to be pictured, whether we're food bloggers or not. Since bringing an actual camera with you, on a regular random lunch out, is a bit of a hassle already, we now basically depend on our smartphones —for almost everything. Aside from being handy, most phones are now equipped with high megapixels camera that can beautifully capture, not just your selfies, but your food as well.  And no matter how you're shooting your mouth-watering dish, we all have our own style and a few things we put into consideration. Read on for my 3 friendly tips!

A local favorite: Pork Adobo

Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas

Taking advantage of the long weekend last August 26th-27th, I booked my mom, Joyce, Ria, and myself a one night staycation at Richmonde Hotel through Agoda (one day before our target check-in date). It was supposed to be a family outing with my relatives, unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a private pool that would fit our budget and preferred date.

Hulio: Our shoe venture

Thiz izzz it! We've finally  made it happen!

Hulio is a Philippine local shoe brand made from handcrafted leather. The name "Hulio" was coined from Hulyo, Filipino translation of July. (It was back in July 2016 when my sister and I came up with the idea.) We just stylized the name and changed Y to I. Hence the name, Hulio.

El Nido, Palawan: Day 3 & 4

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Day 3
Island Tour
April 2, 2017

Woke up a little late today. Breakfast was served at the usual time, 7 AM. We had embutido that tasted like meh, with egg, and rice. We were fetched around 8 AM and headed to the beach. We've been renting snorkeling gears for P100/day. Don't worry, they didn't look gross, they seemed clean (and hopefully sterilized). Don't just overthink that these gears had been used by random people in the past. I didn't catch anything after using them, anyway. Though, it's always better to bring your own gears like my friends did.

Photo from Jomar Ocampo