HK2016 Day 3 & 4

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 Day 3: Lantau Island

Hong Kong isn't a city you'd get lost in. There's a map to follow, MTR to ride, and helpful people who give directions. So when I successfully planned Lantau Island ('cause, meh, Shenzhen was cancelled) and we all had fun, I felt really accomplished and self-satisfied.

HK2016 Day 2

Read: Day 1

Day 2: Hong Kong City tour + Disneyland

We were fetched, together with other families, by Roger, our tour guide, at Silka Far East Hotel at 8 AM. We visited Avenue of Stars (still undergoing renovation) overlooking Victoria Harbour, Aberdeen Fishing Village, TSL jewel factory, an underground souvenir shop for another round of pasalubong shopping, and lastly, Disneyland. We spent more than half of the day touring the city and arrived at Disneyland at past 2 PM already.

HK2016 Day 1

I booked a 3-day Hong Kong and 1-day Shenzen tour package. It includes roundtrip airfare, land transfers, hotel accommodation with breakfast, and compulsory city tours. We're 4 traveling adults + my daughter. The 3 of us paid for an adult rate, the other with a sneak-in rate, and my 1-year old daughter with a cheaper infant rate. Sure, it was a catch.

Potty Training

Ria's 1 year and 3 months old now. I've always been using disposable diapers ever since she was born. Sometimes my mom would suggest we use lampin so that we can let Ria's skin breathe from time to time. Aside from lampin, I purchased an eco-friendly cloth diaper from Baby Leaf. It's more absorbent and thick. And it could last for a couple of hours or even overnight depending on how frequent and how much your baby pees. This cloth diaper practice is actually great, nevertheless, we still have to use disposable diapers most of the time especially when going out or traveling for ease and convenience.

Jane the Virgin

Photo from The Mary Sue

I just finished binge-watching two full seasons of Jane The Virgin last night and the story couldn't get any more twisted... in a very interesting you-can't-stop-watching-it way.

Jane The Virgin is not your ordinary telenovela. They're spoofing in a way that they're actually doing a telenovela within a telenovela. I know, very Inception, right? Truth be told, it's loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela with the same title. So there you go.


I remember when Virgin Coconut Oil was so in demand you could see it being sold everywhere! Ha! I actually haven't tried any Zenutrients products before. But when I signed up at Sample Room, I found these available samples that really caught my attention. Spoiler alert, they are all naturally made and organic!

The Art of Flat Lays

Photo from

Lately, I've been obsessing with flat lays (aside from matte lipsticks) that it took me an hour to shoot a decent one. I googled for some tutorials on how to master, err, learn it. Well, it's hard if you don't have a good backdrop. By that, I mean, a plain white floor or a white furry mat. It all depends on which items you're gonna shoot, though. As for me, whenever I need to create one, I just use a white towel or a white curtain (with small cutesy pink diamonds) as backdrop. So far, they work. But they don't appeal that much like the ones you see on Instagram. And it's just heartbreaking. Like, how do they do that perfectly with great lighting and stuff?

But thanks to Google and those people who share their tips and tricks! Aside from a variety of good backdrops, here are my top 5 musts if you want to perfect a flat lay.

Lotus Tower, Oriental Garden, Makati

Photo from

Last Saturday, May 14, we checked in at Oriental Garden in Makati for a surprise birthday party for our friend. We found the place in Airbnb and the unit costs around Php2,000 for an overnight stay. We immediately grabbed it since the unit looks good and cozy from the photos and we were just looking for a cheap but a good place to stay. When we booked it, they only charged us around Php1,800 tax incl (we're not sure why, maybe because they changed the rate, ha). Lucky for us!

2016 PH Elections

At around 2:30 PM yesterday, May 9, my sister and I cast our votes. It was the most hassle-free voting experience we had compared from 2010 and 2013. Perhaps voting in the afternoon helped? The poll watchers and volunteers involved were accommodating enough despite the scorching heat. Our designated cluster was among others that had few number of people voting during that time. It only took us, roughly, 20 minutes to finish.

A night with Les Miz

I've been anxiously waiting for this night to come, and now, it did. "I am finally here!", I thought to myself when we finally arrived in The Theater at Solaire, last Friday, April 22. Being inside The Theater itself gave me all the chills, in a good way. The place was jam-packed with people of different ages. You can see everyone all giddy and excited as I was. The show started at exactly 8 PM, no delay. When we were in our respective seats already, I knew it's going to be a very special night of my life. It is finally happening!

TWD S6 Finale


This is such a "late post" for a spoiler alert since the finale already aired almost a week ago, and I bet y'all die-hard fans have already seen it. But, anyway, if you still haven't, don't read any further.

L-R: Glenn, Rosita, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Maggie, Rick, Sasha, Aaron, Carl, Eugene

Rest now, Courageous Caitie.

I wasn't really aware of Caitie until I saw a post trending on my Facebook feed, yesterday. I got curious and I couldn't help but read. Caitie was 3 years old and diagnosed with a very rare type of illness. They call it Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia. Her family even had to fly to Singapore hoping for a cure to her disease. It was when I came across her dad's Instagram (@jayjaylucas) and saw all these photos of Caitie that really broke my heart. That's when I started bursting into tears, non stop. I couldn't imagine losing your own child, thus, handling all the pain. Her parents must be really strong and so was Caitie until the very end. She's just a child. There's a lot more ahead of her. And yet she was taken away so young.

Photo from Jay Jay Lucas (@jayjaylucas)

You can rest now, little angel. I'm just a stranger, a parent who's praying for you and your family, and I wish you all the happiness now that you're up there, with our creator. No more pain to endure. Smile for us, will you? #courageouscaitie

Ria's 1st Birthday Party

Our #burritoria turned one last Friday, March 18. I still couldn't imagine how time flies so fast! It still feels like yesterday when she was born. She used to be so little and calm. Now, she's just, er, everywhere! I didn't expect that organizing your own daughter's birthday party is going to be so much fun! As a hands-on mom, I was super aligaga all the time!

Anyway, here are some of the photos from the event. Enjoy!

Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Batangas

WARNING: Long post ahead.

It's sad and disappointing to hear the news (from wheninmanila) regarding the robbery at Club Balai Isabel that took place last Saturday, February 13. We also stayed there the weekend before, February 7 & 8. The place was indeed great and relaxing. The food was, uh-okay. The view makes it all worthwhile, especially seeing Taal Volcano right where you're at. The downside though is their customer service. They totally lack on that, which, I think, is the most essential part.

Reception Area

"Nothing lasts forever.. even heartbreaks."

As much as I'd like to convince myself that whatever I'm feeling right now is just "temporary", I couldn't, because it kills me so much inside. I want to shout to the world how hurt I am and how painful it is to be in this situation.

For the past couple of days, I've been crying myself to sleep. My daughter sees me and she understands. Somehow, she's trying to comfort me with her hands wiping the tears off of my face. And it just makes me cry even more. I couldn't talk to anyone 'cause if I do, I'll just cry nonstop. I think it would take time. But crying surely is helping me cope. I actually feel good afterwards. 

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna be okay. Not any sooner.

Cheers to a new year!

2015 has been really challenging for me. It was the year I delivered my first baby. It was the year I started becoming a mom. It was the year I failed so many times yet I kept on trying and learning new things. Thanks to all the people who surrounded me, especially my mom. 2015 was never an easy year for me. I had to manage my time more since my baby's arrival. I had to be awake most of the day while trying to focus at work. I was so exhausted every single day. Good thing, Ria's a jolly baby. She smiles at everyone, and even strangers! I still thank the Lord for giving me a super energetic baby (tiring to look after sometimes).

Now, as I welcome 2016, I had to ditch all the negativity from my life. It is going to be harder this time, but I always hang on to the Lord for strength. To a braver me and new beginnings! Happy new year!