TVD Hype


I just finished watching episode 15 of season 3 of The Vampire Diaries. After episode 13, I was already itching to blog about everything I've been seeing. Stefan is sorta back as the good ol' Stefan, someone who "feels" but still denies it, anyway. Damon and Elena are SO perfect together (real life chemistry, what do you expect), end of story. The ball was the most perfect scene so far. Can I just be on Elena's shoes, just for once? She was so grand when she entered the ball ("Hindi siya prepared.") and the Salvatore brothers were just simply starstruck. She was such a goddess!

Ababu Persian Kitchen

Went out with my cousins, Lorenz and Kuya Cris last night to fulfill our Shawarma cravings!

We ordered Ababu's Special Beef Shawarma that only costs Php50! They serve delish Persian food for affordable prices! :-) The place is open-air which makes it more local and comfortable to casually dine at.

Ababu's Persian Kitchen is located at 75 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Contact them at (02) 426-0000. They're open Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 4 AM (business hours vary on branches).

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Expressed here are of my personal opinion and experience at Ababu Persian Kitchen.