We need a Dick —Dick Gordon for a change.

I voted this afternoon. Fell 2 hours in line with my sister. Mom voted at different precinct. So, it was just me and sis.  It wasn't easy for us, being first-time voters, to deal with people, the heat, tension, hunger and thirst all at the same time during the elections day.

It took us 3 hours to finally cast our votes. It was an accomplishment. Manalo, matalo, binoto ko ang gusto ko. It was relieving. Mom fetched us and went home. The sun's giving off too much heat; we weren't able to eat outside and celebrate. And since mom still doesn't allow me to drive the car alone, we're back to being commuters. And it sucks. With such friggin heat.

Who's the boss now?

Tada! I got my license already. >:-) Actually my mom did, earlier today. I can't wait to drive our car! :-)) I had to blur my picture though. It isn't that attractive. Who's got a good driver's license's photo anyway? x-D