"Nothing lasts forever.. even heartbreaks."

As much as I'd like to convince myself that whatever I'm feeling right now is just "temporary", I couldn't, because it kills me so much inside. I want to shout to the world how hurt I am. And how painful it is to be in this situation.

For the past couple of days, I've been crying myself to sleep. Crying with my daughter by my side. She sees me. And she understands. Somehow, she's trying to comfort me with her hands wiping the tears off of my face. And it just makes me cry even more. I couldn't talk to anyone. 'Cause if I do, I'll just cry nonstop. And I couldn't take any advice from anyone yet. My mind and ears are closed. I think it would take time. But crying surely is helping me cope. I release amounts of heartache little by little which, I think, is a good thing. I actually feel good afterwards. 

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna be okay. Not any sooner.

Cheers to a new year!

2015 has been really challenging for me. It was the year I delivered my first baby. It was the year I started being a mom. It was the year I failed so many times yet I keep on trying and learning new things. Thanks to all the people who surrounds me, especially my mom. 2015 was never an easy year for me. I had to manage my time more since my baby's arrival. I had to be awake most of the day while trying to focus at work. I was so exhausted every single day. Good thing, Ria's a jolly baby. She smiles at anyone, and even strangers! I still thank the Lord for giving me a super energetic baby (tiring to look after sometimes). 2015 may be hard, but it surely did pay off.

Now, as I welcome 2016, I had to ditch all the negativity from my life. It is going to be harder this time, but I always hang on to the Lord for strength. To a braver me and new beginnings! Happy new year!