Hey there, stranger!

I'm Jam. I'm a single working mom to my 2-year old baby girl, Alexandria. I finished BS-IT at Letran - Manila in 2011. Professionally, I am a QA Analyst (software) and I've been working in the *yawn* corporate world for the past 5 years, on and off. You can ask me more about what I do, but that would be really boring. During my spare time, when Ria's already asleep, I blog, watch Netflix, read books, or play PVZ all night. And yes, I munch on any food I find.


This is *where* I derived my blog name. Margareth Ann was born in March 2010. It started as an online diary as I used to call it. Now, as it evolves, I'm making it more of a lifestyle (and less personal) blog wherein I write reviews or hanash about the films and TV series I've seen, books I'm reading, places I've been to, and of course, my journey as a mommy.

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