Potty Training

Ria's 1 year and 3 months old now. I've always been using disposable diapers ever since she was born. Sometimes my mom would suggest we use lampin so that we can let Ria's skin breathe from time to time. Aside from lampin, I purchased an eco-friendly cloth diaper from Baby Leaf. It's more absorbent and thick. And it could last for a couple of hours or even overnight depending on how frequent and how much your baby pees. This cloth diaper practice is actually great, nevertheless, we still have to use disposable diapers most of the time especially when going out or traveling for ease and convenience.

Jane the Virgin

Photo from The Mary Sue

I just finished binge-watching two full seasons of Jane The Virgin last night and the story couldn't get any more twisted... in a very interesting you-can't-stop-watching-it way.

Jane The Virgin is not your ordinary telenovela. They're spoofing in a way that they're actually doing a telenovela within a telenovela. I know, very Inception, right? Truth be told, it's loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela with the same title. So there you go.