Yeah, baby!

Guess who passed the Microsoft exam yesterday... me! :-D It was my second certification exam so far. I got 895/1000. So fulfilling! (high five)

Why do you let me stay here?

Dear you,

I was both happy and sad when I saw you last Wednesday afternoon. I was happy because I get to see you again, after 3 years, I guess. Though, I saw you with her on a Sunday mass months ago but you didn't see me so it's not counted. Anyway, it was really a surprise to see you on a train. We were seated, facing each other. We kind of locked eyes and we smiled, which made my heart beat fast. It felt so great to know that you still recognize me. I was overwhelmed. I wanted to look in the mirror in that very moment just to check if I look good —I should be looking good. I had to see if I'm pretty enough for you to smile at. Yet, I didn't have the chance to grab the mirror because I was too stunned. And, not to mention, when I found out you were on the same train with me, you were already looking at me. The feelings all came rushing back. I remembered the good ol' days with you. They all came back with just a glance.

I was sad because I realized, it's the least thing we could do —to smile at each other. We didn't even bother to talk. I didn't have the guts. I felt like I'm a stranger who passed by and you just smiled at me as a friendly gesture. I was sad because I still regret things. I know I have to forget and move on. But whenever I think of you, and eventually see you, I just can't help but to blame myself. I was naive and weak for not fighting for you. To just let you go and let someone else steal you away. But that just is. It already happened. A long time ago.

When the last station was approaching, I had to get a final glance at you. This would take months or even years to happen, or never again. No one knows. Above all this, I still feel glad that you haven't forgotten I exist. That's all that matters for now. I know this sounds all pathetic and shallow but I wanted you to know I am still hoping... or maybe not at all.


The rest is still unwritten.

First days in school are always lame. You go to class just for the attendance (okay, allowance as well), knowing that the professors won't be around yet. But for the school year friggin sake, I'm still looking forward to the next couple of days and the remaining months. I will definitely seize every moment and spend  the most out of my last year in college. Well, hopefully. :-D I still have to go through a lot of hectic schedules and hell days, for sure.

Anyway, this took place on June 6, 2010, Sunday.

I was like, "zOMFG! I'm really driving without my Tito's supervision!" I can't believe that it was already happening! It was a fun experience kahit na nagasgasan ko yung right side mirror. :-P When I arrived at my Lola's place, they were all amazed, gave me high fives, and all that. I'm so proud of myself! Can't wait to drive the car to the nearest mall, all by myself. @-)

We need a Dick —Dick Gordon for a change.

I voted this afternoon. Fell 2 hours in line with my sister. Mom voted at different precinct. So, it was just me and sis.  It wasn't easy for us, being first-time voters, to deal with people, the heat, tension, hunger and thirst all at the same time during the elections day.

It took us 3 hours to finally cast our votes. It was an accomplishment. Manalo, matalo, binoto ko ang gusto ko. It was relieving. 

Who's the boss now?

Tada! I got my license already! Actually my mom did, earlier today. I can't wait to drive around our car! I had to blur my picture though. It isn't that attractive. Who's got a good driver's license's photo anyway? x-D

Drum roll please!

I just passed Microsoft certification exam today! I am so overjoyed!

So much for a sick person.

I’m suffering from Tigdas-hangin (I think it’s milder than Tigdas) right now. The rashes started to appear last night. I wasn’t able to attend my 2-hour driving lesson today ‘cause the rashes are all over my body and I can’t totally move. Every part of me hurts. I also have cough and cold. My eyes are red, most of the time. And I feel so effin ugly.

To make things worse, I have a certification exam tomorrow morning. I’ve reviewed a bit and hoping to pass. I still look on the positive side knowing that only two on the first batch made it to a 700-passing score.

*crossing fingers*

I. need. to. pass. that. exam.

Future family driver

Gosh, I can't wait to drive! See, I already got my ID as well as my schedule (not on the picture though). :-D Driving lessons will start next week, 041210, and I'm too excited. Yay for me? Hell yeah!

Trying-hard-concealed name and student number fail. I can still read them. :-)) And oh, I've intentionally remained my stapled picture visible. Go crazy over my pretty face! /sarcasm

Margareth Ann

Hello, Blogger!

Here I am, trying to make a new entry for a fresh start I was demanding just a while ago. I know, I spoil myself too much. Anyway, just so you know, my blog name was referenced from Goldfinger's 2000 single, Margaret Ann; which happens to be my jumbled name —Joy Ann Margareth, only my Margareth goes with an H. And yes, I love the song so much! So, that's basically it.