TVD S4 Finale


So... I'm still hungover from the finale. A lot has happened. And you knew there's going to be like, 2 to 3 more seasons of it.

Klaus is back for the last time on TVD! He's having his own show, The Originals, a TVD spin-off where he is the main character together with the other Originals. I'm not sure about Rebecca though. Anyway, he healed Damon's wound 'cause he was shot by a wooden bullet with laced werewolf venom. Long story short, Klaus told Caroline that Tyler is already free to go back to Mystic Falls because I quote, He's your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes. End quote. Then my heart jumped out of too much joy! Isn't it the sweetest thing? I love Klaus and Caroline together so I need to see more of them on screen!

2013 Elections

Today, 13th of May 2013, we held the 2013 Philippine National and Local Elections. I was so psyched when I woke up this morning because I was so prepared; I had my list of candidates (whom I researched on carefully) with me that I made beforehand. My sister and I arrived at the polling center around 7 AM, looked for our designated precincts and cluster that took most of our time. (Little did we know, it's already on the Voter's ID itself, hahaha.) Fell in line at 7:30 AM and waited for 2 hours and 30 minutes before we finally cast our votes. It was one heck of a J.Co donuts line, indeed!

So to make the story short, this evening, when we arrived home, Twitter has been making a lot of noises regarding the partial unofficial tally of senatoriables. Of course I have to google and be updated, too! The partial list was very shocking and disappointing especially when I saw that one name I hate to see to be in the top 12 (I have my reasons so...). Half of whom I voted and I WANT THE MOST didn't make the cut. It's really saddening because some people (1) might not really voted wisely, or (2) might not be able to register, or (3) weren't in the country, ill, or physically disabled to vote, or the worst part (4) sold their votes in exchange of money. Mad mad world.

I just hope the final tally of votes will change drastically (which is funny) from what the media are showing us right this very moment. May the ever-worthy candidates have a place in the senate. God bless the Philippines.