Hulio: Our shoe venture

After a year, my sister, Joyce, and I finally managed to turn what was once an idea into reality. Up until now, the feeling is still overwhelming.

What is Hulio?

Hulio is a Philippine local shoe brand made from handcrafted leather. The name "Hulio" was coined from Hulyo, Filipino translation of July (it was back in July 2016 when we came up with the idea). We just stylized the name and changed Y to I. Thus the name, Hulio.

I, myself, is very fond of internet shopping. I buy a lot of stuff online —bag, shoes, makeup, you name it— making me a pro in online shopping. Lol. Is that even worth stating?! Startup businesses sell online because it's easier than putting up an actual physical store, yes? (Just think of all the paperwork and permits you need to accomplish.) Since everyone is on the internet nowadays, might as well make large use of the WWW.

Stylewise —
Ours are inspired by minimalism (or how we want it to be). Thank heavens for Pinterest for shoe ideas, we got to brainstorm the styles we really wanted. We went for (strappy) flats that can be worn everyday casually without risking comfiness.

We derived our shoe names from the Greek Goddesses. Joyce thought of that, so don't ask me why. She's the creative one. Haha. We didn't just randomly select Greek Goddesses though. We still matched them if they would go along with our styles.

Iris - Goddess of rainbows

Hemera (a.k.a Amar, Dies, Hemere) - Goddess of Light

Gaia (a.k.a. Celu, Gaea, Terra) - Goddess of the Earth

Antheia - Goddess of Gardens, Flowers, Swamps, and Marshes

Now, be the judge. :-P

We started the operation some time in March and I admit, it was hard. You have to have the right strategy, energy, and time. It isn't just scrolling through your Instagram feed — you have to engage. As first-time entrepreneurs (such a big word!) in the shoe business, we are still getting the hang of everything. And with our day job taking most of our time, we couldn't commit fully. But this isn't just a hobby or current obsession that we can quit from right away, this is business. We invested time and money. So even if heavy traffic drains ourselves every working day, Hulio is still a priority. And I hope you'll support my sister and I as we both get into this little venture of ours.

Since we're tying to sell out our few remaining stocks so we could come up with new styles that you're, hopefully, gonna love, how does a 20% off sound? See you on our IG:, Saturday at 8pm!

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