TVD S2 Breather

I finished The Vampire Diaries' (TVD) two seasons in 4 nights, I think. And now, I can't wait until the next season comes out. This definitely beats the gay out of Twilight. Edward is sparkling in the sun, while the hot Salvatore brothers don't; Edward doesn't have a bed and couldn't even make love with Bella, when in fact, it is possible as long as you have self-control. How much more gayer Twilight could ever get?

Though one thing in common, we can't deny that these vamps have amusing nice wheels. Couldn't argue with that.

M5 Madness

The only decent picture of me with Joyce from last night (from my sucky camera phone). We weren’t allowed to bring the DSLR inside. I even tried to sneak it in, got caught, and even made lame excuses, lol. I still failed anyway. It was just so stupid of us to forget the digicam. Boohoo!

Never mind that disturbing head in front of us. Anyway, this was taken from our seats. We’re like really near, we could still see the entire stage. If only we arrived there a little bit earlier then we would be seating in the first row of Gold - B section. If only.

The show started around 8:30 PM already (and ended 10:30, I guess). They didn’t have a front act. According to Joyce, they just appeared right on the stage! And I didn’t see it! I was outside buying food. When I heard the loud cheers and screams, I rushed back inside. I couldn’t even find my seat because the lights were already turned off and people were standing from their seats. It was a challenge to find mine, but I eventually found my way back lol.

They sang 17 songs, if I’m not mistaken. I made a list of it respectively. But there’s one unfamiliar song which I haven’t figured out until now.

1. Misery
2. If I Never See Your Face Again
3. Harder to Breathe
4. Give a Little More
5. The Sun
6. Won’t Go Home Without You
7. Never Gonna Leave This Bed
8. If I Ain’t Got You
9. She Will Be Loved
10. Wake Up Call
11. That one unfamiliar song
12. Stutter
13. This Love
14. Sweetest Goodbye
15. Hands All Over
16. Makes Me Wonder
17. Sunday Morning

I was so psyched they played all my favorites! Funny and genius thing was, I even brought my iPod with me so I could sing along with everyone! I mean, I know some of the lyrics (except for She Will Be Loved which I know every word to), but I don’t know the entire lines. I was like having karaoke at the same time.

Last night was perfect minus the camera. :-( Still, the experience matters most.

Adam Levine, marry me?

HIMYM S6 Finale


Just saw How I Met Your Mother season 6 finale. It was so hanging. Well, the ending sort of told us that Barney was the groom and is getting married. But, we can't be sure that he really is the groom. Maybe he's just one of the best men, who knows.

When you forgive, you let go.

Ever wished for two people to break up? I did. Since forever. Since the first day they got together. Maybe I've been the antagonist to their little fairy tale. Maybe I've been bad. But every evil side of me has slowly subsided over time. I've learned to let go, accept things, and move on. Because that's what life is. You can't stay stuck in a place you're not part of. You have to get out. And find your own spot. And that's what I'm gonna do. (wink)

Hello Stranger (2010)

Title: Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho)
Starring: Chantawich Tanasewi and Nuengtida Sopon
Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun

I was browsing the internet hoping to find a romantic comedy Thai film. (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love was the very first Thai film I've seen, it made a good impression on me.) I'm glad I found this movie. I've read a lot of good feedback so I decided to download leech it.

It was released last August 2010. The movie was set in South Korea where two strangers crossed paths. The characters' names weren't really mentioned. They just went by with made-up nicknames (Daang and May). The film featured top Korean TV dramas namely Dae Jang Geum and Winter Sonata.