I remember when Virgin Coconut Oil was so in demand you could see it being sold everywhere! Ha! I actually haven't tried any Zenutrients products before. But when I signed up at Sample Room, I found these available samples that really caught my attention. Spoiler alert, they are all naturally made and organic!

The Art of Flat Lays

Photo from fashionhyper.com

Lately, I've been obsessing with flat lays (aside from matte lipsticks) that it took me an hour to shoot a decent one. I googled for some tutorials on how to master, err, learn it. Well, it's hard if you don't have a good backdrop. By that, I mean, a plain white floor or a white furry mat. It all depends on which items you're gonna shoot, though. As for me, whenever I need to create one, I just use a white towel or a white curtain (with small cutesy pink diamonds) as backdrop. So far, they work. But they don't appeal that much like the ones you see on Instagram. And it's just heartbreaking. Like, how do they do that perfectly with great lighting and stuff?

But thanks to Google and those people who share their tips and tricks! Aside from a variety of good backdrops, here are my top 5 musts if you want to perfect a flat lay.