HP and The Deathly Hollows P2 (2011)

While watching the finale, I realized I was in tears for some reasons. Little did I know, my sister sitting beside me was already bawling her eyes out. Yes, finally, Harry kicked Voldemort's ass (though he's still tweeting, haha) and that's some kind of a relief. No more chasing & no more killing people. But, it also meant that there'll be no more Harry Potter for us, unless of course if J.K. Rowling decides to write a continuation. As for now, the biggest part of our growing-up has just come to an end. No more Harry-Hermione-Ron adventures. 

Well, as Lily Potter says in the movie, I quote, Always. Until the end. End quote. Harry Potter, forever in our hearts, shall never be forgotten. The magic lives on.

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