Today, I watched a day-to-day video that drove me nuts.

As I was browsing for Demi Lovato's newest single Heart Attack, I came across Demi Lovato's Wikipedia page. I read about her career break that led her to leave Sonny With A Chance, which by the way was a favorite of mine (and it broke my heart when it ended). Then I read that she didn't push through with the Jonas Brothers' concert back in the day and punched a backup female dancer that led her to be admitted and be personally treated. It said that she suffered from Bulimia, self-injury, and self-medicating.

I clicked on "Bulimia" then found "Anorexia Nervosa" and came across this woman named Olivia Cohen. She water fasted for 3 consecutive 40 days. That's 40 times 3 equals 120 friggin' days with no food just water. There were 3 batches actually. And she ate food every after 40 days. Man, that's sick! I watched all of her day to day videos and you could actually see how drastic her weight loss was! I feel sad for her and I can't help but pity her... a lot. She kept on saying that she was really starving and feeling really exhausted on most of her videos. But instead of giving in to temporary pleasure, she's just gonna stick to her long-term goal.

“I am fasting for spiritual reasons, the primary motivations being to become the woman G-d wants me to be.” –Olivia

BS. I'm sorry but it had to be said. How can you do something for the Lord if in return you're slowly killing yourself? How can you say you're doing it for the greater good if you're actually starving yourself to death? It's a frigging suicide, woman. Unless you want to be a hero or a saint or something.

The first picture was taken on the first day of her fasting and the latter was taken on the last day of her 3rd 40-day fasting. It took place in early to mid 2009.

I can't help but to search for her and check on her current condition. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything more about her other than her YouTube account, which is originally her husband's (see aaroncohen). I watched the latest video of herself 7 months following the last day of fasting, and she really looked good and healthy. She gained weight and was even pregnant with her 8th child! Thank God, I am relieved. :-)

If ever she decides on fasting again, I just wish she keeps track of her health condition first. It's really really lame to starve yourself for 40 days and not eat anything, not a single bite of a biscuit, just for "spiritual reasons" that she's saying. All the best to you!

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia

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