TVD S4 Finale


So... I'm still hungover from the finale. A lot has happened. And you knew there's going to be like, 2 to 3 more seasons of it.

Klaus is back for the last time on TVD! He's having his own show, The Originals, a TVD spin-off where he is the main character together with the other Originals. I'm not sure about Rebecca though. Anyway, he healed Damon's wound 'cause he was shot by a wooden bullet with laced werewolf venom. Long story short, Klaus told Caroline that Tyler is already free to go back to Mystic Falls because I quote, He's your first love. I intend to be your last, however long it takes. End quote. Then my heart jumped out of too much joy! Isn't it the sweetest thing? I love Klaus and Caroline together so I need to see more of them on screen!

Elena gave the cure to Stefan but he didn't accept it. Of course he wouldn't! What was she thinking? She then talked to Damon and all of those anger and intense exchange of lines, she finally said it. She loves Damon! It also gave me butterflies. Too bad, they just broke up in real life. And I still mourn for that almost-perfect relationship they once had. Just when they finally got together on the show. Meeehhh. I just wish they reunite! Please do. Hehehehehe

I hate the part when Alaric's ghost disappeared. Alaric could be a big part of the show yet they had to kill him. And why am I saying this just now? Haha, I just miss Alaric and his friendship with Damon! (sob)

Then there was a cat fight! I mean, girl-vampire fight! It was between Katherine and Elena, whew, the moment we've all been waiting for. Well, it ended up Katherine taking the cure. Elena shoved it to her mouth lol. It's what Katherine wants after all, now she got it. I wonder what it's gonna be like for Katherine being a human. Hmm. Something to watch out for.

Bonnie Bennett is dead, yes. She died on the previous episode and no one knows about it, except for Jeremy (on the finale). Bonnie still managed to bring the veil back up even though she's already a ghost (?) and also managed to bring Jeremy back to life. She made Jeremy human again! What a friggin' insane twist. I know Jeremy's a big part of the story but it doesn't make sense how he could be brought back to life in an instant. Well, for that to happen, Bonnie has to die. And she did. Though, she still doesn't want Elena and others to know. Sucks.

For the finale scene, Silas didn't exactly turned to stone because the witch (Bonnie) who cast the spell is already dead. He told this to Stefan, shocked. Silas cloned Stefan, locked him in a vault and threw it in the river. That was intense. Is it the end for Stefan? It only means that the Stefan we will be meeting next season is Silas. This is gonna be like seeing the good ol' Ripper Stefan back! Whoa.

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