El Nido, Palawan: Day 3 & 4

Read: Day 1 & 2

Day 3
Island Tour
April 2, 2017

Woke up a little late today. Breakfast was served at the usual time, 7 AM. We had embutido that tasted like meh, with egg, and rice. We were fetched around 8 AM and headed to the beach. We've been renting snorkeling gears for P100/day. Don't worry, they didn't look gross, they seemed clean (and hopefully sterilized). Don't just overthink that these gears had been used by random people in the past. I didn't catch anything after using them, anyway. Though, it's always better to bring your own gears like my friends did.

Photo from Jomar Ocampo

First stop:
Seven Commando Beach

The name was based on two theories, that (1) there used to be 7 soldiers who were stranded in the island during World War II, hence the name, Seven Commando and (2) I forgot about it because the former was more believable.

The beach has the most beautiful fine white sand by far. It has these beautiful greeneries to even begin with. I fell in love, no doubt.

Second stop:
Secret Lagoon

I've been trying my best to swim as much as I could and I've been enjoying it a lot! Secret Lagoon is much like the Secret Beach where you have to pass through a hole except that the former's is really small. The water is a bit brownish, maybe because of people's dirt? The challenge here was when we were about to leave, people were already starting to build up and the only way to get into and get out of is through that friggin hole. Uso rin pala ang pila doon. Hahaha.

Third stop:
Shimizu Island

We stopped by at Shimizu Island to have lunch. John told us we could swim to the island but the current was really strong that day so he advised not to go farther. No one dared to, actually. While waiting for the food, I got in the water WITHOUT my life vest (I had a friend who knows how to swim so I was at ease). I didn't realize I could float just by staying still without flipping my legs! Hahahahaha. Don't judge me, I'm no swimmer.

It's time for lunch! This time, they prepared the usual fruits, salad, roast chicken, grilled fish, shrimp and mussels PLUS fresh crabs!!! I didn't get to eat one because I'm afraid to get allergic reactions. I just munched on mussels and lotsa mangoes!

Fourth stop:
Big Lagoon

The famous Big Lagoon. Anyone who goes to El Nido must have their photo taken while they're raising both arms with the Big Lagoon in the background. Instagram post-worthy aside, the place is so calming and serene. We stayed here for over an hour just admiring the tranquility and beauty surrounding us (when in reality, it's the picture taking that took a lot of time).

Fifth stop:
Small Lagoon

Our final stop for the last day of the tour. I was really psyched to go kayaking because it looked really fun to do! I haven't done it before so I was very excited! As it turned out, we couldn't get to paddle the right way. You have to have the skills, man! John and Vincent were very kind enough to hook our kayak to theirs and they just pulled us all, while we were sitting really pretty adoring the scenery lol.

Hi, Vincent and John!

Day 4
Flight back to Manila
April 3, 2017

Flight was delayed for two hours. Highlight of the day was our lunch at KaLui (ka-luwi) in Puerto Princesa. The place itself is filled with very classy and native interiors. The smell of fruits surrounded the diner. The lights were dimmed that gives a relaxing and homey feel.

Food: Though they have limited choices in their main course, it's not bothersome at all 'cause every dish is special. I ordered Fish Cordon Bleu, that can be shared by two, with deep-fried banana and eggplant, lato (seaweed), and atsara. What made me enjoy it more was the melted cheese filling from the fish.

Photo from Aiko Medina 

Photo from polamarilara.com

After lunch, we did some souvenir shopping and headed straight to the airport and waited for our 2-hour delayed flight. It was an exhausting waiting game but I wouldn't mind staying even longer. I'll see you again soon, Palawan. xx


  1. Aside from the place itself, I'm in awe with the food. They all look mouth-watering. Plus the photos are nice! :)

    Lou | http://wander-soul.net/

    1. Thank you! Yes, the lunch buffet was one of the highlights! :)