3 Basic Tips on taking the best food shot

Coming from a non-food blogger.

I wouldn't argue that we all love food. Its enticing presentation always craves to be pictured, whether we're food bloggers or not. Since bringing an actual camera with you, on a regular random lunch out, is a bit of a hassle already, we now basically depend on our smartphones —for almost everything. Aside from being handy, most phones are now equipped with high megapixels camera that can beautifully capture, not just your selfies, but your food as well.  And no matter how you're shooting your mouth-watering dish, we all have our own style and a few things we put into consideration. Read on for my 3 friendly tips!

A local favorite: Pork Adobo

Good lighting
If you won't be able to shoot during daytime, finding a good artificial light when shooting indoors is a must. Colors tend to change when shooting indoors so might as well find a room that is well-lit or a background that is white or neutral to, somehow, eliminate shadows and shades of reflection. It's still best to shoot in natural daylight to maintain the actual colors of your food, thus, requires minimal post-processing.

Shooting from the bird's eye view
I always take food photos from atop. Getting up on a chair before taking your photos show the entirety of the subject. It's also great for shooting tablescape of different dishes. Turn on your grid view so you'd know your subject is aligned and within the frame. 

Adding contrast
Not all food are vibrant-looking, to be honest. Pork Adobo won't look appetizing unless you add some garnish to it. Flatlay your food using a patterned or colored plate against a neutral background. If you're using a white plate, you can play with patterned tablecloth or placemats then add some props. It's about the right amount of contrast of colors to make your subject more pleasant to the eyes.

That's it! Just keep it basic and simple as much as you can. Always attempt for a natural-looking photos as if your audience is looking right at the actual food. Good luck! #CaptureTheRealYou #OPPOF5

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