One of the most-anticipated events of every student has already happened. It was relieving. After all the sacrifices, hard work does really pay off. My parents couldn't be any more proud. And me, who made this far, will be forever gratified. :-)

I've been saying this a lot recently, and I will say it again — Thank you! To my parents who supported me all throughout my student life, let me return all the favor when I get a job (soon!). To my friends, Team XV, who never let me down, I will always keep you, guys. To my professors and instructors, thank you for all the learning. I may have been brat to some of you, but I am really thankful. To my Alma Mater, you'll always be in my heart. I promise to carry your name chasing my greatest goals. Last, but definitely not the least, my deepest gratitude to the Lord, our God, who provided me with everything and never fails me.

Just like the fireworks, life is beautiful.

Photos taken by Joyce Mata