Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales

Visited Anawangin Cove in Zambales last April 16 - 17 with my college buds, my sister with her best friend, my cousin and his friends. We rode a bangka to get to the island. It was a first time for me and also my favorite part. Anawangin Cove was just beautiful and not too crowded. Though the sand was rocky enough to bruise my feet, it was worth it.

There were no electricity and signal, by the way. So our cellphones were useless during that 2-day stay.  We had bonfire during the night, grilled our own food, and depended on canned goods. We brought our own tent to sleep in. I'm not sure if you can rent them but it is better to bring your own since all items there are pricey (a 1 liter bottled water costs like a hundred). There were no proper bathrooms so don't expect much. You have to fetch a pail of water so you could take a bath or pee. I think that was the most challenging part for most of us, girls. But you know, it was an experience.

We fell asleep by the beach while drinking and woke up to a scorching heat while people are staring at us. Ha! We initially planned on watching the sunrise but we failed to wake up (after finishing two bottles of Mojito). Unfortunately, we weren't able to trek the mountains 'cause we didn't have enough supply.

But overall, we all had so much fun! Great thing is I met new friends! Would love to do this again soon, yes?

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