Hello Stranger (2010)

Title: Hello Stranger (Kuan Meun Ho)
Starring: Chantawich Tanasewi and Nuengtida Sopon
Director: Banjong Pisanthanakun

I was browsing the internet hoping to find a romantic comedy Thai film. (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love was the very first Thai film I've seen, it made a good impression on me.) I'm glad I found this movie. I've read a lot of good feedback so I decided to download leech it.

It was released last August 2010. The movie was set in South Korea where two strangers crossed paths. The characters' names weren't really mentioned. They just went by with made-up nicknames (Daang and May). The film featured top Korean TV dramas namely Dae Jang Geum and Winter Sonata.

The switching was really fast at first. I mean, how could you go on a trip all by yourself and then meet a stranger and spend your entire vacation with him? Well, it's considerable because they're both of the same nationality.

Well, they started touring the city together. Did silly stuff and shared stories with each other. The storyline was simple yet very realistic. It was hilarious and entertaining. The two major actors were great. They have chemistry and their cuteness really matched. The guy even looked like Luis Manzano. :-D

The part I loved the most was the motorcycle scene. The girl falls asleep whenever she rides a motorcycle. When she's already asleep, her hands would slide off to the guy's groin and I couldn't help but LOL.

The ending, however, didn't appeal to me that much. It kind of suggests a sequel. Please let there be a sequel. x-D Overall, it's 8.5 out of 10. :-) This movie is worthwhile. Give it a try?

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