We love you, Paul Walker.

Photo from Rolling Stone

Every time I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is to check my phone. While I was browsing my Twitter, I started reading tweets like, "Fast and Furious will not be the same without you, Paul Walker." and "OMG PAUL WALKER."  I thought he was just going to leave the franchise film for whatsoever reason. Still, I got curious. I kept on scrolling and read TMZ's tweet about Paul Walker being dead. I WAS STUNNED. I immediately click the link and then, poof. This article showed up to my face stating that he died from a car accident. I'm not totally convinced (I intend not to) so I googled him and that's when I found out that it's really not a hoax (I still hope it is). It's so tragic and heartbreaking. :-( No one saw it coming. It's just so sad and depressing how sudden death takes someone's life away. </3 You'll be missed, Paul Walker. Be our angel.

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