HIMYM S9 Finale



So... I just finished watching How I Met Your Mother and, sure, I am disappointed. I feel so betrayed. It's like, those times I've spent on HIMYM are now wasted times. They didn't even give justice to the series' 9 great years. Now the whole series means nothing to me anymore. It's pointless. It's like teaching your kids the wrong things. The series just gave me false hope. And oh, please. The title shouldn't even be "How I Met Your Mother" in the first place, but instead, "How I still end up with your Aunt Robin". Right? Right?

I kept hearing other people say that they don't like watching the season anymore because it has gotten too boring. Yet, I still gave it a chance. I actually loved a couple of episodes. Being a fan, I still hung on to the show just to hear the whole story of "how Ted met his kids' mother", and I think I didn't fail myself. But to give me that ending, I think I've just been cursed.

It's not that I don't want Robin and Ted as a couple, but the previous seasons just convinced us, people, that Robin and Ted are not gonna work out anymore. There's just no way. But heck, the finale kind of threw stone in my head saying, "Ha! The joke's on you!"

Despite all the hatred and disappointments, I want to address the staff, the production, and of course the great set of actors for always bringing out the best of the series. I adore you guys. And I'm gonna miss seeing all five of you in one screen.

But still.


Anyway, just to divert your attention away from HIMYM, I got braces last April 16th! Yay... not. It was one hell of a pain. And still in pain. It isn't easy wanting that perfect teeth and smile. It's so hard to talk and laugh. I can't even eat properly, chew or bite. Plus, the swollen lips and face. Ugh. But it's all for the best. Cheese!

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