I remember when Virgin Coconut Oil was so in demand you could see it being sold everywhere! Ha! I actually haven't tried any Zenutrients products before. But when I signed up at Sample Room, I found these available samples that really caught my attention. Spoiler alert, they are all naturally made and organic!


What it does
Deeply moisturizes dry skin.

Coconut, Avocado oils and Grapefruit extract

Use daily, applying onto skin post-wash morning and night. Dot a pea-sized amount onto cheeks, forehead and chin and massage in an upward circulation motion.

This product has a strong smell for a facial cream. Knowing that I have allergic rhinitis, I sneeze on almost everything that itches my sense of smell. The cream's texture is light and a bit sticky when I apply it on my face. The greasy feel would just last for a couple of minutes and after it subsides, my skin would already feel *extra* pampered and moisturized. I usually don't pay attention to my pores, but this cream made them more unnoticeable.

I won't recommend it to those who have oily skin 'cause it tends to be greasy. But if you still would want to give it a try, maybe just apply a very little amount on your face. If you're allergic to strong smells, this isn't the product for you.


What it does
Gently moisturizes sensitive skin.

Coconut, Aloe and Calendula extract

Massage all over skin, both face & body, after shower or bath. Gives dry spots the hydration it needs. Great for sensitive skin, those with psoriasis eczema.

Unlike the Olive Face Cream, this has a great smell that everyone would love. The texture is also light and the cream comes in White (did it just rhyme?!). While I apply the former on my face, I apply this on my elbows, knees, and mostly on my feet & ankles. It definitely moisturized those dry areas of my body upon application. It also gives the relaxing spa feel!

I haven't tried applying it on my face yet, since I'm also using the Olive Face Cream. This cream is really good on people with dry and sensitive skin. I heard, this is also good for babies.


Sample Room gives you the opportunity to try out samples from the newest products. You'll be able to find the products that would suit your skin type and your preferences before actually purchasing them in stores. Hurry, sign up and get your free samples now!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Expressed here are of my personal opinion and experience of using the products above mentioned.

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