Jane the Virgin

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I just finished binge-watching two full seasons of Jane The Virgin last night and the story couldn't get any more twisted... in a very interesting you-can't-stop-watching-it way.

Jane The Virgin is not your ordinary telenovela. They're spoofing in a way that they're actually doing a telenovela within a telenovela. I know, very Inception, right? Truth be told, it's loosely based on a Venezuelan telenovela with the same title. So there you go.

JTV isn't hard to like love. You'll actually get hooked the first time you see it. I can actually relate, as a mom, cause our protagonist, Jane, got pregnant when she was accidentally inseminated (yikes!). She goes through everything that I've gone and going through, except that we're a lot different. And that's why I find her character so inspiring and motivating. She seems like she has everything figured out but she doesn't. She's the peacemaker, the optimist, and she's chasing after her dreams while being so good at being a mom, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend, a fiancĂ©e and everything in between. And also she's a fictional character, that's why. Ha!

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Gina Rodriguez (as Jane) is such an amazing actress and everyone is, really. And mind you, the writers, director and all the people behind it are oh-so incredible. Every character has his/her own backstory. And it's great how they manage to make all the stories intertwine all the time without being trashy and complicated. Every episode unfolds a new story. And sometimes you're gonna have to pause, take a moment, and reflect because there's a lot going on!

Oh, look at these photos! Aren't they so adorable off cam?

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Photo from Buzzfeed

And not to mention, the beautiful palette that they use especially at the Marbella's and with Petra's wardrobe! Everything's pastel. It's so lovely and relaxing to the eyes. Someone check me in at Marbella (only you wish it was real)!

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That's basically what makes this series so enjoyable to watch. Fun characters, fun colors, and no dull moments at all. It surely gets you hooked, like what I've told you earlier already.

Anyway, sharing you *this article* from Buzzfeed that is too cute not to read. Enjoy!

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