Potty Training

Ria's 1 year and 3 months old now. I've always been using disposable diapers ever since she was born. Sometimes my mom would suggest we use lampin so that we can let Ria's skin breathe from time to time. Aside from lampin, I purchased an eco-friendly cloth diaper from Baby Leaf. It's more absorbent and thick. And it could last for a couple of hours or even overnight depending on how frequent and how much your baby pees. This cloth diaper practice is actually great, nevertheless, we still have to use disposable diapers most of the time especially when going out or traveling for ease and convenience.

Since Ria is now growing up, my mom suggested that I should start potty training her. I was potty trained when I was just 9 months old, according to her. And when I reached one, I already know how and when to say, "wiwi" and "pupu". And whenever I felt the urge, I would head to the potty. Mom said I had never used diapers since then.

Last Friday, I gave in. I liked the idea of potty training Ria and never have to use diapers anymore! We purchased a potty trainer that looks like a real toilet bowl except that it is so much cuter! It has a push button that looks like a flush but is actually a music button that can play up to 12 songs (but I don't think that would help during training, though).

Ria now knows that whenever we say "wiwi", she would have to go to her potty, open the lid, and sit down. Same goes when we say, "pupu". We're currently teaching her when to say them whenever she feels the urge, which, I think, is the most challenging part.  The thought of potty training somehow scares me and excites me at the same time. It's going to be hard, I know. But it's going to be another milestone for both me and my baby.

If there's any mommy readers out there, what would you advice? What are your techniques? What should I expect during potty training? Thank you!


  1. Cute ng baby mo :) How is her potty training going?
    My son is 29months pero nag didiaper padin(cloth diapers)
    if you have any tips on how to get started would love to hear them. I have a potty trainer for him pero ayaw nya talaga pinag lalaruan nya lang hehe anyways nice blog u have here!

  2. Hi Mommy Aaliyah! Thanks for dropping by. Anyway, my baby still wears diapers as of today, hehe. It's still a challenge to make her go to her potty to pee. But she understands naman whenever I say, "wiwi" and "poopoo". She just don't get that she needs to go whenever she feels the urge. Haha! It takes time and patience. :) And she plays with the potty, too! And I'm like, "Pag may wiwi at poopoo na dyan, hindi na pwedeng laruan yan." Haha