HK2016 Day 2

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Day 2: Hong Kong City tour + Disneyland

We were fetched, together with other families, by Roger, our tour guide, at Silka Far East Hotel at 8 AM. We visited Avenue of Stars (still undergoing renovation) overlooking Victoria Harbour, Aberdeen Fishing Village, TSL jewel factory, an underground souvenir shop for another round of pasalubong shopping, and lastly, Disneyland. We spent more than half of the day touring the city and arrived at Disneyland at past 2 PM already.

It was a holiday in Hong Kong since it was the Mooncake Festival so there were a lot of people in Disneyland, not to mention the unbearable September heat. I think we spent a lot on bottled water (valued at HKD28 in Disneyland) than on food.

We hopped on a few rides. Two to be exact.

I didn't bring any stroller or baby carrier for my daughter during the trip 'cause she doesn't want to stay in them for a long time, but turned out it was my biggest regret. We walked all day and it was really tiring to just carry and follow her around. We had to rent a stroller in Disneyland for HKD100 plus a security deposit. So I advise you mommies to bring your carrier or stroller with you so you could spend your money on more important things.

My sister and I individually ordered this meal that cost more than HKD100. It was so good. Though the serving was huge, it's still pricey and not savvy to have lunch in Disneyland.

So make sure to eat lunch or have snacks first. We just didn't get the chance to because our tour bus dropped us off directly at Disneyland after our morning city tour. So yeah. Again, don't avail tour packages if you don't find the need to.

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