HK2016 Day 3 & 4

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 Day 3: Lantau Island

Hong Kong isn't a city you'd get lost in. There's a map to follow, MTR to ride, and helpful people who give directions. So when I successfully planned Lantau Island ('cause, meh, Shenzhen was cancelled) and we all had fun, I felt really accomplished and self-satisfied.

Tip: Ride the cable car and purchase Ngong Ping 360 tickets beforehand to avoid a long queue.

We had to interchange trains from Tsuen Wan station to Lai King going to Tung Chung where the cable car ride awaits us. I booked us 4 tickets the night before using Handy (a phone with free data that's provided by Silka) for HKD220 each (originally valued at HKD255 with discounted rate for children and senior citizens). It's a roundtrip crystal cabin cable car ride.

Tip: You could purchase a one-way crystal cabin ride, and just get on the bus on your way back to save money. You could also opt for a standard cabin for a more affordable price. Crystal cabin just goes with a glass floor, anyway.

We arrived at the Ngong Ping Village around 10 AM so the sun was on its hottest state. My sister and I bought these hats valued at HKD120 each. There were cheaper ones though, if you're not too picky.

We went to see the Big Buddha first. The exhaustion was all worth it when we reached the top. The view was amazing and it was so windy up there!

After we adored the Tian Tan Buddha, we headed to Po Lin Monastery. We were in awe by its structure. The paint and wall figures are all well-maintained. Don't forget to see The Great Hall of the Ten Thousand Buddhas as well. Its golden interior will capture your attention, though they no longer allow tourists to take photos of it. There were actually signs everywhere. And I just rolled my eyes with utter disgust to people who acted like it's okay to take selfies inside the hall. Seriously, guys. Can't you read?

We didn't get to walk in the Wisdom Path but we stopped by for a little prayer and lit incense (cheapest valued at HKD20) in the front courtyard of the temple.

Day 4: Flight back to Manila

Started our day at 9 AM, packed our things, and checked out at 11 AM. Went out for lunch at a restaurant nearby. We had Rice Noodle Roll for dessert which is the best part of the day.

I wish we have this Pretz snack in the Philippines.

Roamed Tsuen Wan for the vert last time and even though we hadn't left yet, I couldn't stop thinking when I'm coming back. I'll see more of you soon, HK. You break my heart leaving you. :(

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