Travel size Hair Straightener

When I was having my nails retouched at a nearby salon with my mom and Ria a month ago, there was this itchy feeling that I needed a haircut. I asked Jo, the senior stylist, to layer my hair. I got so bored looking at myself with the usual medium bob cut, so why not. I walked out from the salon feeling all ~*pretty*~ and satisfied.

Reality: My everyday still-wet ugly hair.

But then, layered is actually very hard to maintain. Since your hair is "layered", you're gonna have to brush it most of the time so the layers won't go to different direction, especially if it's shoulder-length, the most awkward time of hair growth.

It's a great thing that hair irons are in existent, thank you genius people. Since then, I've been ironing my hair almost every waking day. Since it's not really advisable, I use a good amount of hair oil afterwards (make sure you do, too).

I didn't own one myself, so when I found this cutie hair iron online that is travel friendly (I want everything small so I could bring it to commute everyday lol), I didn't hesitate to buy.

It comes with a very neat & clear packaging. Very easy to store in your bags!

Most hair irons don't have this ーit has a toggle switch for lock and unlock. Again, neat!

Also, it has an ON and OFF switch. However, it has no temperature settings. It doesn't get too hot at all. So it would take you a while to finish your hair.

The iron plate is just this thin ーit's a tiny hair iron, what do I expect? It would take me around 15 to 20 minutes to straighten my flyaways. The trick? Blow dry your hair first or let it dry naturally, which I prefer.

You have to have an adapter 'cause not all outlets support this type of plug, but this is actually the least of your worries. Just go get one from your appliances at home lol. The cord is just a meter long so be sure an outlet is nearby when you do the chore.

Its length is just inches longer than my palm. Imagine how small and handy it is!

For the most exciting part, it comes in Watermelon (Blue Green/ Teal), Stawberry (Pink), Orange (Orange, duh), and Kiwi (Yellow Green) designs! I have mine in Watermelon, obviously.

If you have curly hair, this wouldn't work that much for you (or try it for yourself) 'cause it would really take a loooong time to straighten your crowning glory. And you're just gonna exhaust yourself. It's great for naturally straight or semi-wavy hair with thin strands.

Overall, it's a good buy. I got it at Php460.00 and the product is not disappointing, really. My supervisor and her friends even ordered four of this after testing mine. Lol, I'd have to take credit! :P

For orders and inquiry, follow @schpmarcoshighway on Instagram.

UPDATE as of January 19, 2017

They have a new set of designs — Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Minions to name a few. See for yourself. *Click me* Aren't they too cute?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Expressed here are of my personal opinion and experience of using the product above mentioned.


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