Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan

Since we usually just stay home on Christmas Day to avoid traffic and crowded places, we decided to go on a 4-hour drive to Bagac, Bataan the next day, December 26. It was a special non-working holiday Monday, so why not.

It was a rainy and windy day because of Nina. It was signal no. 2 in Bataan that day so it was really a hassle to do things around. But it didn't stop us, me specially. My dad would want us to go back 'cause storm signal was also raised in Rizal, per se. But since we were already halfway, we decided to push through.

Arriving in Las Casas, I could see all these beautiful houses awaiting us. If only it wasn't raining that day, then these beauties would shine out even more.

We paid for a day tour rate of Php999 per person. It includes the historic Walking Tour, beach access, a bottle of water, disposable raincoat, and iced cold towel (that smells like Downy). We couldn't properly listen to the tour guide since Ria was running all over the place and kept playing with rain. It was really tiring to go after her, so I would just carry her most of the time. (She didn't want to be in her stroller either.)

Every house we get into (with our bare foot), is very picturesque, like you would never want to miss a single snap on every corner. When we were almost in the end of the walking tour, we had to stop by the beach, 'cause the view was just too scenic and tempting. Really, it actually looked like a painting! We had to take a lot of pictures there and had to *miss* the last part of the tour. But how could you even focus with these views around trying to stop you from doing anything?

Before we left, we had lunch at an in-house Italian resto. Yes, the food is all pricey (cheapest at P400-ish for main course) but everything is delish! You wouldn't even mind the price because you would eventually gonna get hungry after all the walking.

Would definitely be going back during a fine weather. Aaahhhh, still can't get over! ♥

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