The worst ride of my life as far as I can remember.

When heading off to my OJT, I always ride LRT Line 1 and Line 2. Recently, I've experienced the worst ride in Line 1.

LRTA Line 1

I woke up late the last time (around 6 in the morning already, I should be on the way by then). I was rushing not to be that tardy on my time-in (I failed, anyway). I arrived at 7: 30 AM in LRT Line 1 and still hoped for a not-so-crowded train (which is, by the way, didn't or never will happen, especially at that time). I've waited for exactly an hour until I managed to get in, not by stepping in though, but by being pushed. I was really haggard-looking, sweaty, and coughing so bad which made me irritated already. When we arrived to the next station, people from my back were pushing me so hard, enough for me to get off the train and stumble like an idiot. I was like, "WHAT THE FUCK!?" Instead of indulging a fight, I just breathed, stepped back into the train, and pretended like nothing had happened. Oh, and I almost lost my earring. I managed to save it though.

Makes me feel like a total shit. No wonder, LRT Line 1 people are all aggressive and annoying all at the same time. The government should add at least 10 more trains then. It kills us all just to be on time.

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