The pain still kills us all.

Just so you know, my great aunt, Mommy La (from this entry), passed away last October 20th, around 1 PM. I was at work when my cousin SMS-ed me.
Cholo: Alam mo na ba ang balita?
Me: Fuck. Ano?
Cholo: Pina-process na ni San Pedro papers ni Mamila.
It didn't occur to me that she's already gone that time. I just thought that she's having a hard time, as always, breathing or eating or suffering from her illness... But she's not. When I got off from work and headed to her place, the gates were fully opened and the place was so bright. Everybody was there.
Mom: Anak, wala na si Mommy. (cries)
That was when I burst into tears... unstoppable. Last time I saw Mommy La was Sunday night. I didn't have the chance to talk to her or hug her for the very last time. Her illness took her away in an instant. She's gone now. And I hate it. I hate that she's still young to die. I hate that we had financial problems and didn't manage to fully accommodate her. I hate that she spoiled us all and we're too attached. I hate that she had to be the one to be taken away.

But as they say, look at the brighter side. Her pain will vanish. She will no longer suffer. And she'd be happily resting in His place. I know she wants us to be happy and to not cry for her. She's one strong woman. My second mom. My favorite person.

L-R: Joyce, Mom, Dad, Mommy La, and I

You'll always be remembered, Mommy La. Mahal na mahal kita. Sobra! :-( Look after us, okay? I wish I could hug you right now. *sob*

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