Thank you, 2014!

Stretch. It's been a hella good roller coaster ride. Been through so many ups and downs. 2014 has taught me so many things; be it in life and career. Thank you to those who never left my side and those I've recently met who already made an impact in my life, I owe you guys. Without all these hardships that tested my faith, I wouldn't come out as who I am today. My family, who I once turned my back on, never gave up on me, and my friends whose ears never got tired listening to my endless cry for help. I've been so stupid, childish, and helpless. But these people have always stayed. And of course, to my partner, I know we've been through a lot. Thank you for adjusting and compromising. It's still going to be hard and much harder in the long run. But as long as we both keep our faith to each other, especially now, it's all gonna work out alright.

God is great, indeed. He even blessed me with a new life inside me. Must be the greatest gift of my 2014. Looking forward to see you, anak! ☺ Let's all welcome a new year with warmth, joy, and forgiveness in our hearts. Happy New Year! God bless us all!

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