Counting down the days

I'm going to be a mommy soon! Yep, I'm 32 weeks pregnant. Everyone's already excited since she's (yes, my baby's a she) going to be the first grand daughter in the family (my side).☺

During. Pregnancy hasn't been really smooth for me. I suffered a lot during my first trimester wherein I experienced a lot of nausea, vomiting, and sleepless nights. My family and my partner have been really supportive to my needs though, so I was able to conquer each day with a little less pain. On my second trimester, it has started to go back to normal. The nausea and vomiting lessened. I can eat whatever I want and I had all the energy. Now, on my third trimester, it's kind of both. There are times I feel nauseous then my head will ache. But most of the time, I'm fine and energetic. My appetite hasn't changed! But my weight surely did. I eat A LOT. I eat a lot of sweets. :3 So far, I think, I've already gained 20 pounds. I feel so heavy already and I get tired easily. I walk so slow (but I still walk fast whenever I can, hihi) and my feet easily hurt whenever I'm standing up. Oh, well. Everything will be worth it once she arrives.

The kicks. Yes, those punches and kicks. The stretches and the hiccups. Whenever she moves, it tickles me. Sometimes I still get shocked by her movements. It feels like there's a snake crawling on my belly. I think she gets more and more excited each day because her movements are leveling up! But it really feels nice whenever I feel her. Somehow, we're already communicating.

In preparation. I read articles online. What to do. What to expect, et cetera. It's been really helpful, especially when you read something that moms-to-be like me are experiencing. I get aware. In terms of my baby's needs, we've bought a couple of newborn stuff for her. Just the basics. It's actually exciting! Whenever we're at the mall, we make sure to pass by the kiddie section, and just look. We're waiting for the sponsors lol, so we're not investing too much right now on baby clothes and items... not just yet. :D

Motherhood. Until now, I still don't know if I am ready to be a mom. If I'm ever going to be. It's a big word. And it comes with great responsibility. But I believe that you won't know something until you experience it. I know I'm going to have a lot of mistakes, 'cause it's going to be a first time. However, I'm still looking forward to those days that I get to carry my own child. To feed her. To caress her. And to love her... in ways I know.

A few more weeks to go 'til we see you, my little one. ♥

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