Mommy's little angel

Meet my baby girl, Alexandria! ♡

Ria was born last 18th of March at 6:29 in the evening. I must admit,  I had a hard time delivering her. I was contracting for 5 hours. I was told to be undergoing a C-section if she still wouldn't come out after an hour and 30 minutes during active labor, fortunately, she came out on the last minute! She weighed 6.6 lbs, a little big for me. So it was really painful. Though, it was all worth it after I heard her tiny little cries. The first time I held her in my arms was priceless. I'm a mommy now! It's been really overwhelming. Sometimes I just look at her and I'd get teary eyes. Such a big life-changer. I love you, anak!

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