2016 PH Elections

At around 2:30 PM yesterday, May 9, my sister and I cast our votes. It was the most hassle-free voting experience we had compared from 2010 and 2013. Perhaps voting in the afternoon helped? The poll watchers and volunteers involved were accommodating enough despite the scorching heat. Our designated cluster was among others that had few number of people voting during that time. It only took us, roughly, 20 minutes to finish.

My presidential bet may be on the last spot (with only over a million votes which is hysterical), I'm still hoping for my VP, who's currently on the second spot, to reach first. I know I've voted for two women who I believe deserve the President and VP positions, respectively. However, Digong is currently having a landslide win (with over 6M vote difference from Roxas as of 1 AM) as our President for the next 6 years. I am more concerned, rather intrigued, with the senatorial race. I mean, PacMan having a spot in the senate? He's just a puppet! Drilon on the second spot? Sotto? Why not Romualdez or Belgica or Ople? The deserving ones? Ever since I started to vote, my senatorial bets always flop. I just hope and pray for a better leadership for a better country. Well, change starts in oneself, anyway. And with the help of these so-called lawmakers. May the next appointed leaders of our country deserve the positions that are entrusted to them by the Filipino people. God bless the Philippines.

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