How to be Single (2016)

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Title: How to be Single (2016)
Starring: Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie
Directed by: Christian Ditter

Alice (Dakota Johnson) was trying to find herself when she took some "time off" from her long-term 4-year relationship. She met Robin (Rebel Wilson), from work, who taught her what it feels like and how to do things the "single" way. The movie took its turn when Alice realized that she's lucky enough that she has someone, her boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun), who loves her whole-heartedly, without "experimenting". Unfortunately, it's too late.

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I've always loved Rebel Wilson since I saw Pitch Perfect. She's always the bubbly lady and the one boosted with SO MUCH self-esteem. Dakota Johnson's short hair and clavicle bones are to be digged for! I'd love seeing her in flicks like this one. Though, she's always gonna look mahalay (in a good way) to me. Haha. What really inspired me was of Leslie Mann's character. She's the independent type who doesn't really have time to socialize a lot. She works 24/7 as a doctor. But when she realized what she really wants, she didn't hesitate to do it, without the need of anyone's (man for instance) help. 

This flick didn't just focus on some good-girl-gone-bad, nonstop partying, drinking or having sex. It also showed its viewers the different types of relationship every girl has: friendship, family, and with herself. And that her world doesn't just revolve around a man. Being single is doing the things you want and it surely is fun. But choosing and staying to be single is loving and exploring yourself first. It's good to be in a relationship especially if you're with someone who is great. However, it is also great to be alone sometimes and do things on our own.

Nothing much has stood out, but I think it's a really good feel-good film. The plot is typical but the production executed it very well that makes it enjoyable to watch.

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