A night with Les Miz

I've been anxiously waiting for this night to come, and now, it did. "I am finally here!", I thought to myself when we finally arrived in The Theater at Solaire, last Friday, April 22. Being inside The Theater itself gave me all the chills, in a good way. The place was jam-packed with people of different ages. You can see everyone all giddy and excited as I was. The show started at exactly 8 PM, no delay. When we were in our respective seats already, I knew it's going to be a very special night of my life. It is finally happening!

The overall performance, of course, was epic. Beyond perfection, actually. Judging it by the vocals, the acting, the production (set, animation and graphics), and the entertainment, everything is just wow. I couldn't count how many times I've cried during the performance. 'Cause, yas, Les Miz gets me, always. Kudos to everyone who made Les Miserables Manila possible, especially for bringing it here. The cast of characters were all great! I'm mind-blown by Rachelle Ann Go and Esang's performance. They're both so amazing. Filipino pride, indeed.

It surely deserved a standing ovation. The experience is still unbelievable. It's too surreal. If I'd be given a chance, I'd still watch it over again.

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