Royal Pines, Highgrove, Tagaytay

Annually, my college friends and I would celebrate our version of Christmas party, usually at someone's place. We'd do it traditionally; playing parlor games, eating together, and of course, exchanging of gifts! This year, we celebrated in Tagaytay, at Royal Pines Highgrove. The house we rented was so spacious, the 14 of us can even roll over all at once!

My friend, Kathy, found it in Airbnb. We paid for P10,995 for an overnight stay (12nn - 2pm), divided the rate to 14 making us contribute for only P785 each. I know, bargain, right? The house is complete with necessities that the only thing you have to worry is food. But we still bother to get ourselves disposable stuff so no one has to do the dishes every now and then. They have a caretaker, Ate Diza, who assisted us and was generous enough to offer us dishwashing liquid 'cause we forgot to include it in our grocery checklist lol.

We made sure we don't starve.

View from the living room.

Living room view from the staircase


The house have 3 bedrooms with lots of extra beds! Sorry, no pictures (but you could just check it on their Airbnb listing). We all squeezed ourselves in to the master's bedroom, 'cause why not, the weather's cold. Brr.

The village itself looks like we were in a foreign country. Trivia: Royal Pines Highgrove was where parts of a local movie was shot 'cause it gives abroad feels. Hint: it's a Jadine film. Answer: This Time. (Not a fan and I haven't seen it, so I had no idea.)

So, this is us!

I got my wish! Memories by Lang Leav. Yay!

Royal Pines Highgrove is located at Cypress St., High Grove Subdvision beside Royal Pines I in Tagaytay. You can check its listing in Airbnb *here* (wink)

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Expressed here are of my personal opinion and experience at Royal Pines Highgrove.

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