The rest is still unwritten.

First days in school are always lame. You go to class just for the attendance (okay, allowance as well), knowing that the professors won't be around yet. But for the school year friggin sake, I'm still looking forward to the next couple of days and the remaining months. I will definitely seize every moment and spend  the most out of my last year in college. Well, hopefully. :-D I still have to go through a lot of hectic schedules and hell days, for sure.

Anyway, this took place on June 6, 2010, Sunday.

I was like, "zOMFG! I'm really driving without my Tito's supervision!" I can't believe that it was already happening! It was a fun experience kahit na nagasgasan ko yung right side mirror. :-P When I arrived at my Lola's place, they were all amazed, gave me high fives, and all that. I'm so proud of myself! Can't wait to drive the car to the nearest mall, all by myself. @-)


  1. omg i need to practice again >__> But aaaww it totally feels good to be able to drive on your own na!! Hooray! haha!

    I wanna go back schooling :( I SO MISS IT so better make the most out of it..

  2. Merie: Then go practice driving again! Driving is so much fun, or so I think 'cause I'm a fresh learner? :))

    Thanks! I will, for sure. :)

    Sorry for the very late reply. HAHA