Cheers to a new year!

2015 has been really challenging for me. It was the year I delivered my first baby. It was the year I started becoming a mom. It was the year I failed so many times yet I kept on trying and learning new things. Thanks to all the people who surrounded me, especially my mom. 2015 was never an easy year for me. I had to manage my time more since my baby's arrival. I had to be awake most of the day while trying to focus at work. I was so exhausted every single day. Good thing, Ria's a jolly baby. She smiles at everyone, and even strangers! I still thank the Lord for giving me a super energetic baby (tiring to look after sometimes).

Now, as I welcome 2016, I had to ditch all the negativity from my life. It is going to be harder this time, but I always hang on to the Lord for strength. To a braver me and new beginnings! Happy new year!

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